What’s in a tagline? Everything if you get it right.

Collage of taglines

Collage of taglines

While rooting around in the Otherwise flat files recently, we stumbled across a number of branding campaigns that we haven’t looked at, or thought about, for some time. And one of the things about this patinated work that jumps out right away is wow…we’ve written some wonderful taglines over the years. Here are just a few worthy of mention.

In our branding practice, taglines matter. And great taglines are non negotiable. We craft them as an integral component of the brand, functioning as an expression of its unique tone and promise. Because they function holistically with visual identity, they must be full of character, memorable, interesting and true — serving as both badge of honor and call to action for those who engage with the brand.

Artists Rights Society | Protect + Promote

Artists Rights Society

The Artists Rights Society tagline is bold and emboldening. It recognizes the profound and stirring influence of artists in our society, and champions their integral role in a way that is dynamic, textured and impassioned. Protect speaks to the steadfast defense ARS provides, ensuring members that their rights will always be understood, heard and recognized. Promote instills new energy into the movement, torch-bearing into a new world order where artists are in control of their integrity and work, and have the power to thrive through collaboration, commerce and burgeoning creative channels.

MG Group | Home. Made.

MG Group

Home. Made. is a layered, dynamic piece of language that reflects the warmth and welcoming spirit of hospitality. Celebrating the concept of home, the MG Group tagline alludes to both the tailored, custom client experiences and the Chicago-grounded foundation of the team. Ultimately, Home. Made. is an expression of the MG Group’s dedication to matching clients with their goals, whether that’s selling or buying a home, and supporting them through one of life’s most important decisions.

Chicago Humanities Festival | Celebrate the social life of ideas

Chicago Humanities Festival

The Chicago Humanities Festival offers up cultural programming that provides audiences access to new and unexpected perspectives, and fosters connections between ideas and people that fulfill the desire to examine what it means to be Human. Active, joyful and insightful, Celebrate the social life of ideas is an invitation to explore multi-dimensional experiences in the warmth and good company of others.

Optima | Forever Modern


Forever Modern recognizes the invincible throughline of design with this real estate development client, and the timeless legacy embedded in the Modernist discipline. Unembellished, strong, honest and optimistic, the tagline celebrates an essential connection between design and nature in the built environment, while affirming a long-haul perspective driven by curiosity and innovation.

Downtown Hyde Park | Deep Roots. New Vibe.

Downtown Hyde Park

How do you pay homage to a community that prides itself on resisting categorization and classification? In building a brand for Chicago Special Services Area #61, we opted to position Downtown Hyde Park as its own small town with quirky energy and character. The combination of visual identity and tagline embrace a rich mix of shopping, dining, cultural attractions and business services — while welcoming those who walk its streets to revel in the neighborhood’s storied history of eclecticism, warmth and individuality.