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Product Semantics

Have you ever seen a phone that appears to be an address book? What about a computer designed to look like a row of books? These explorations exist; they are the outcome of a philosophy in design known as product semantics. The term product semantics

Tagline Reel Revealed

  At Otherwise, we know a tagline does the lion’s share of the talking in brand identity — literally. A name and logo can draw a person in, but the taglines we create answer their questions about an organization: Who are you? What do you

Design Thinking Has Lost Its Heart

Ask a graphic designer their thoughts on “design thinking” and you might get a blank stare in response. To them, it’s akin to asking, “how does your brain work?” But in 1959, design thinking was a novel idea when the phrase was coined as an

Difference Makes All the Difference

What if we could view the world through different typefaces? This question no longer poses merely a hypothetical thanks to the Japanese company Type’s glasses with frames inspired by your favorite font (as long as your favorite font is Garamond of Helvetica). Here at Otherwise,

Is America in 2014 the next “Oceania”?

Ever since Amazon’s announcement of ‘Amazon Prime Air’, a less than 30-minute delivery service using drone technology, it seems life is starting to look more like the dystopian society depicted in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Immediately following the release of Amazon’s highly futuristic video (at least

Otherwise Rebrands Chicago Artists’ Coalition

Otherwise is proud of our rebranding work with Chicago Artists’ Coalition. I had the opportunity to speak with their Executive Director, Carolina Jayaram, about our process and collaboration: EN: What inspired CAC to pursue a rebranding? What do you hope to achieve through the process?

Otherwise Partners with The Junto Institute

Otherwise is excited to announce our partnership with The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership. A new “school” for start-up founders, The Junto Institute has selected Otherwise as a professional service partner. I had the opportunity to speak with founder and Chicago entrepreneurial thought leader, Raman

Otherwise Incorporated_Otherside Year in Review

Otherside: 2012 Year in Review

With the start of the New Year, we reflected on the highlights from Otherside over the past 12 months. In 2012, we offered our insight into how to communicate your brand using social media and LinkedIn best practices for brands. We provided tips for creating

How to Communicate your Brand Message using Instagram

We showed you how to communicate your brand message using each different social media platform. Now we want to show you how to effectively communicate your brand message, visually, using Instagram. Let’s pretend we are a local residential property: @Pleasantville. We want to show our brand’s personality,