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Three rows of booths in a restaurant; each pair of women sitting in the booth wears the same colors.

The Meaning of Coincidence

Otherwise Principal and Chief Brand Strategist Nancy Lerner was in London, flipping through the International Edition of the New York Times when she was struck by a bizarre coincidence in the Culture section’s cover story. The story in question was “The rebirth of a Modernist

Tagline Reel Revealed

  At Otherwise, we know a tagline does the lion’s share of the talking in brand identity — literally. A name and logo can draw a person in, but the taglines we create answer their questions about an organization: Who are you? What do you

Take a deep dive into how we helped bring The Forge Adventure Parks brand to life.

The Forge Case Study

  How can we harness the allure of natural beauty and the complexity of personal challenge to craft a brand for a truly novel outdoor experience? Jeremie Bacon, Chris Gladwin and Bartly Loethen have concepted something unique to the US market—an outdoor experience that both

On Branding: The Brooklyn Nets

Controversy With much fanfare, the Brooklyn Nets’ new home in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays Center is fresh and ready for the 2012-2013 NBA season. Along with the team’s new stadium and move from New Jersey to New York comes a controversial rebrand for the

CityTarget: Thinking Outside the Box

A Brand New Target Target has spent nearly a decade honing its brand to effectively communicate its promise, Expect More Pay Less. By emblazoning their stores with their trademark red, flawlessly executing in-store merchandising and making the ubiquitous bullseye stand for smart-sophistication-on-the-cheap, Target’s brand successfully

IT43 internal marketing branding law firm_Otherwise Incorporated

Internal Branding and Marketing for a Law Firm: Really?

Launching IT43 and NetDocs at Ungaretti & Harris Ungaretti & Harris is a prestigious regional law firm with offices in Chicago, Springfield and Washington, DC. In spring 2012, the leadership of the firm’s IS Department hired Otherwise to undertake two initiatives: •Establish a strong, fresh

Relationship Era_Marketing_Otherwise

The Rise of the “Relationship Era”

More so than ever before, our lives are defined and dominated by the relationships that we choose to nurture. Despite a growing sentiment towards collective individualism, it is the relationships we form with others that shape our personal life experiences. As social interactions continue to