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Tagline Reel Revealed

  At Otherwise, we know a tagline does the lion’s share of the talking in brand identity — literally. A name and logo can draw a person in, but the taglines we create answer their questions about an organization: Who are you? What do you

Pantone Chooses Connection and Intimacy in 2019

Just last week, Pantone announced that it’s Color of The Year for 2019 is Living Coral, which, as it names suggests, emulates the warm and radiant colors found within the underwater ecosystem of coral reefs. Colors like Living Coral that occur within nature, often serve

Stay Gorgeous Salon Buzz social media_Otherwise Incorporated

Salon Buzz: Adding Dimension to the Brand Identity

When we build social media programs for our clients, we place the utmost importance on quality content that serves as a credentialing mechanism, while also establishing our clients as thought leaders. For that matter, the blog is the central platform for all of our social

Relationship Era_Marketing_Otherwise

The Rise of the “Relationship Era”

More so than ever before, our lives are defined and dominated by the relationships that we choose to nurture. Despite a growing sentiment towards collective individualism, it is the relationships we form with others that shape our personal life experiences. As social interactions continue to