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Product Semantics

Have you ever seen a phone that appears to be an address book? What about a computer designed to look like a row of books? These explorations exist; they are the outcome of a philosophy in design known as product semantics. The term product semantics

Design Thinking Has Lost Its Heart

Ask a graphic designer their thoughts on “design thinking” and you might get a blank stare in response. To them, it’s akin to asking, “how does your brain work?” But in 1959, design thinking was a novel idea when the phrase was coined as an

Take a deep dive into how we helped bring The Forge Adventure Parks brand to life.

The Forge Case Study

  How can we harness the allure of natural beauty and the complexity of personal challenge to craft a brand for a truly novel outdoor experience? Jeremie Bacon, Chris Gladwin and Bartly Loethen have concepted something unique to the US market—an outdoor experience that both

CityTarget: Thinking Outside the Box

A Brand New Target Target has spent nearly a decade honing its brand to effectively communicate its promise, Expect More Pay Less. By emblazoning their stores with their trademark red, flawlessly executing in-store merchandising and making the ubiquitous bullseye stand for smart-sophistication-on-the-cheap, Target’s brand successfully

Tropicana’s Stunning Chicago Campaign on the CTA Brown Line

Branded environments are a great way to execute a high-impact messaging strategy. Tropicana is currently running a transit-oriented campaign in Chicago, and the result is stunning. Check out the gaggle of CTA Brown Line trains…these message boards-in-motion  have been transformed into sunburst yellow ambassadors of

Google Plus_Branding_Otherwise Inc

The Pluses of Engagement: Rethinking Google+

Over the summer, many of us were invited to join Google+, the web giant’s newest attempt at social networking. Initially, Google+ activity exploded because of its attractive invite-only status, but users quickly became disinterested while the project was still in testing. However, after an official

Social Media Analytics Otherwise Approach

The Other Approach to Analytics

Countless resources stress the importance of blog metrics, pinpointing the key elements that will help measure an organization’s effectiveness of its blog, which is ultimately the platform for the brand’s voice. But merely looking at these elements individually and at face value will only skim

Listening_Social Media_Otherwise

What Came First: The Vanity or The Dissent?

Somehow, despite the numerous platforms that facilitate unprecedented communication between brands and their audiences, a glaring disconnect has emerged that finds its roots in one simple, singular practice: listening. Or, more correctly: the failure to listen. Facebook and Twitter accounts are being created for brands