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Anne Carson and the Corners of Branding

As cultural and creative explorers, we are always following our interests in the pursuit of new inspiration. Recently, we discovered there are lessons to be learned in genre-bending lectures, from celebrated poet and classicist Anne Carson, who gave three such lectures at the University of

Product Semantics

Have you ever seen a phone that appears to be an address book? What about a computer designed to look like a row of books? These explorations exist; they are the outcome of a philosophy in design known as product semantics. The term product semantics

Tagline Reel Revealed

  At Otherwise, we know a tagline does the lion’s share of the talking in brand identity — literally. A name and logo can draw a person in, but the taglines we create answer their questions about an organization: Who are you? What do you

Design Thinking Has Lost Its Heart

Ask a graphic designer their thoughts on “design thinking” and you might get a blank stare in response. To them, it’s akin to asking, “how does your brain work?” But in 1959, design thinking was a novel idea when the phrase was coined as an

Otherwise Incorporated Partners with EXPO CHICAGO

A cutting edge international contemporary art fair will debut in Chicago this September – and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them. In November 2011, Otherwise unveiled the visual identity, website, blog and social media platforms that we designed and developed for EXPO CHICAGO. With


SOPA, PIPA and the Question of Impact

January 18th was an eventful day for the Internet. Out of protest for SOPA/PIPA, heavily trafficked websites like Wikipedia, Google and Wired “blacked out” and/or provided resources to visitors regarding the legislation and what they could do to protest. The statistics are astounding: more than

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Ringing in the New Year

Why are we surprised every time we find ourselves on the doorstep of the New Year? Is it because we realize that a year isn’t as long as we thought way back in January? Are we fearful of the uncertainty and promise the New Year

Social Media Analytics Otherwise Approach

The Other Approach to Analytics

Countless resources stress the importance of blog metrics, pinpointing the key elements that will help measure an organization’s effectiveness of its blog, which is ultimately the platform for the brand’s voice. But merely looking at these elements individually and at face value will only skim

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The Other Approach to Social Media

At Otherwise, we value the power of a different approach, especially when it comes to our social media work. To us, social media isn’t a bullhorn or a pulpit. It’s not an information cannon. The streets and avenues of the Internet don’t travel in one

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Otherwise, The Word

Otherwise: pro. Something or anything else; something to the contrary adv. In a different way or manner adj. Different noun. A progressive strategy and design firm in Chicago’s West Loop. The word “otherwise” lurks in the gray spectrum of the English language. That is, until