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Tagline Reel Revealed

  At Otherwise, we know a tagline does the lion’s share of the talking in brand identity — literally. A name and logo can draw a person in, but the taglines we create answer their questions about an organization: Who are you? What do you

Documenting The Magic of Discovery

According to a recent report by the National Endowment for the Arts, participation in the arts contributes to the social-emotional development of children by introducing them to concepts through collaborative activities such as dance, theater and visual arts and crafts. At Lycée Français de Chicago,

Take a deep dive into how we helped bring The Forge Adventure Parks brand to life.

The Forge Case Study

  How can we harness the allure of natural beauty and the complexity of personal challenge to craft a brand for a truly novel outdoor experience? Jeremie Bacon, Chris Gladwin and Bartly Loethen have concepted something unique to the US market—an outdoor experience that both

We Appreciate You: Salon Buzz Client Appreciation Week

  Last week, Otherwise unveiled our latest collaboration with Salon Buzz, a luxury hair and beauty salon with two locations in downtown Chicago. To celebrate their valued customers, the salon held a Client Appreciation week, which featured 6 days of deals and promotions for a

Dos and Don’ts of Customer Acquisition

Everyone knows that customers are the heart and soul of a thriving enterprise. What isn’t as apparent, however, is the strategy and process required to find and acquire these customers. It may seem intuitive that if you’ve created an incredibly innovative product or service, you

What Martin Creed Knows

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this afternoon when I plopped into my seat in the MCA auditorium to watch and listen to Martin Creed. A fantastically talented artist with a wide-ranging practice, Creed’s unembellished view of the world provides a refreshing framework for