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Web3 Museum Membership Programs

Across the cultural not-for-profit ecosystem, membership is a painful subject. While membership has the limitless potential to nurture (and benefit from) deep engagement with an institution’s patrons, its conventional role has been to solicit patrons for annual contributions — in exchange for often lackluster benefits tied to the size of the financial transaction. Not a very compelling model, is it?

BUT…if you peer outside this framework, into the world of inventive loyalty programs for consumer packaged goods and luxury brands, you can begin to imagine a different scenario. And if you stretch just beyond, you can begin to imagine how loyalty programs anchored in web3 provide an inspired roadmap for what we might create for our beloved cultural institutions and the people who care deeply for them.

These days, Otherwise is hard at work with our buddies at Flaunt to bring a new Membership as a Service model to our friends in the cultural world.