POV: Your Hours Spent Scrolling on TikTok Finally Paid Off

POV: Your hours spent scrolling on TikTok finally paid off

There’s nothing more escapist than lying down on your couch after a long day and sifting through the infamous app that has had the majority of us entranced since the early days of the pandemic: TikTok. What was once merely a source of cheap entertainment during the darkest of times has now evolved into one of the most powerful developments of technology in years, influencing nearly everyone and everything it reaches.

Like many, I commenced my TikTok journey in 2020, spending the majority of my lockdown days scrolling from video to video and, in turn, curating a For You page (FYP) dedicated to everything I adored. In no time, almost everything I saw involved a mix of cats and plants. However, it wasn’t until working here at Otherwise that I began looking at TikTok not from an entertainment perspective but from a marketing perspective.

Although often unnoticed, brands have been taking advantage of TikTok’s unique marketing potential since its founding. From the Chipotle lid flip challenge to the revival of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza with the help of Doja Cat, companies are taking advantage of the platform’s refreshing, informal approach to marketing. And for any brand to succeed on TikTok, this playful avenue is something that needs to not only be adopted, but embraced.

After interacting on the app more from a business perspective, it was clear that an obvious connection exists between brands and influencers who thrive on the platform, which is a carefree, yet authentic approach to their content.

Armed with this insight, we began to strategize the use of TikTok content for our client, MG Group, which was adventurous enough to enter the intimidating space earlier this year with our guidance. For a successful residential real estate brokerage like MG Group, the impulse would have been to tackle TikTok content as if it were just like Instagram and Facebook, sharing listings, open houses, etc. However, we wanted to embrace the freedom and creativity inherent in the platform, and push beyond the ordinary and predictable.

Instead of sharing content akin to the other social media platforms, we began composing videos that showcase Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods through hidden treasures, essential dining, shopping experiences and more. From exploring Chicago’s most intense museum, the Medieval Torture Museum, to visiting trendy vegan ice cream shops like Vaca’s Creamery, we have taken advantage of some of the city’s most TikTokable locations. And, even though we entered the TikTok scene a little late, the community has welcomed us with open arms.

This work continues to be successful in growing MG Group’s visibility. At the same time, TikTok allows us to explore new expressions of the MG Group brand, so that their high spirits, can-do attitude, playfulness, appetite for discovery and quirky sense of humor comes through. As we explore the city, we’re also positioning their team as experts on all things Chicago. Although still finding our footing like countless other brands on the app, we’re enthusiastically embracing the lighthearted, unrestrained TikTok attitude and couldn’t be more thrilled to continue exploring the creativity it affords us.

Explore some of the TikToks we’ve created for MG Group here.