The Other Approach to Social Media

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At Otherwise, we value the power of a different approach, especially when it comes to our social media work.

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To us, social media isn’t a bullhorn or a pulpit. It’s not an information cannon. The streets and avenues of the Internet don’t travel in one direction. To us, there’s no mystery.

To us, social media is a daily personal handshake made by millions. It’s community building. It’s the two-way street less traveled. It’s stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s letting the curtain fall. It’s gaining a voice. It’s listening. It’s responding. It’s people.

At Otherwise Incorporated, we believe social media is only effective when the voice is authentic and authoritative, disarming and distinguished. We provide guidance and expertise to organizations in a variety of industries, all at varying stages of development. Over a 12-month period, our clients are led through the gradual steps of building a specialized, relevant social media campaign. By the end of the program, clients are well prepared and equipped to further facilitate conversation among their audiences unguided. Afterall, as social media experts, we believe social media programs are most effective when they are internalized and organic.