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SOPA, PIPA and the Question of Impact

January 18th was an eventful day for the Internet. Out of protest for SOPA/PIPA, heavily trafficked websites like Wikipedia, Google and Wired “blacked out” and/or provided resources to visitors regarding the legislation and what they could do to protest. The statistics are astounding: more than

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The Rise of the “Relationship Era”

More so than ever before, our lives are defined and dominated by the relationships that we choose to nurture. Despite a growing sentiment towards collective individualism, it is the relationships we form with others that shape our personal life experiences. As social interactions continue to

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Ringing in the New Year

Why are we surprised every time we find ourselves on the doorstep of the New Year? Is it because we realize that a year isn’t as long as we thought way back in January? Are we fearful of the uncertainty and promise the New Year

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Perusing the Virtual Stacks: The Vogue Online Archive

Over and over again have we heard about the death of print at the hands of social media. The ease and accessibility of information coupled with the rapidly growing amount of user-generated content has created a level playing field that most established publications of yesterday

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The Other Approach to Social Media

At Otherwise, we value the power of a different approach, especially when it comes to our social media work. To us, social media isn’t a bullhorn or a pulpit. It’s not an information cannon. The streets and avenues of the Internet don’t travel in one

Fudged Up: The Hyperbolic Tendencies of Social Media

We all know that the rise of social media has offered opportunities for the immediate sharing of information. But what happens when the information shared is false? Last week, vocalist for Toronto punk band Fudged Up (not their actual name) Damian Abraham admitted to Spinner

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Otherwise, The Word

Otherwise: pro. Something or anything else; something to the contrary adv. In a different way or manner adj. Different noun. A progressive strategy and design firm in Chicago’s West Loop. The word “otherwise” lurks in the gray spectrum of the English language. That is, until