Otherwise Incorporated Announces Role as Branding Agency Behind 1000M

1000M's Seek Beauty Campaign

Seek Beauty print creative campaign in a magazine spread

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Otherwise Incorporated brings its unique take on brand strategy to Helmut Jahn-designed 1000 South Michigan residential tower

Chicago, IL – January 4, 2017 Otherwise Incorporated announced its role as the marketing and branding agency behind 1000M, a planned residential skyscraper on Grant Park. Otherwise, a strategic creative studio located in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, brings more than 25 years of branding expertise to this ultraluxury condominium tower at 1000 South Michigan. Hired by the 1000M ownership team, Time Equities, Inc., JK Equities and Oak Capitals, Otherwise began brand development in late 2016, and the initial branding campaign will go live in March 2017.

The brand is anchored in the simple invitation to “Seek Beauty.” As Nancy Lerner, Otherwise president and chief strategist explains, “We created ‘Seek Beauty’ as a platform that speaks to the universal human desire that underlies the principles of the brand. It acts as a kind of outreached hand, inviting tastemakers and trendsetters to join us in the pursuit of the art of living.”

Visit the 1000M website here.

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