We Are Pleased to Announce Our Work on Sailrock South Caicos

Sailrock South Caicos logo set over an image of an ocean beach

Sailrock South Caicos logo set over an image of an ocean beach

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We’re pleased to share our collaboration with CMK and its partners in developing and finessing the brand of Sailrock South Caicos, one of the last untouched islands in Turks and Caicos.

Otherwise set out to discover what makes this untouched island, with 5000 acres of nature preserves and the world’s third largest coral reef, a destination for adventure-seekers. Through our process of empathic inquiry, we revealed a character that speaks to the intrepid traveler who seeks luxury. We then established Sailrock South Caicos as the overarching master brand of Sailrock Living and Sailrock Resort. By creating distinction between the Living and Resort markets, the identity of each sub-brand was solidified.