We Care About Clean

Website design for GSF USA

Website design for GSF

We’re happy to share our collaboration with GSF USA, a global cleaning services company with a strong domestic presence in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio/Kentucky.

Facing significant changes in the cleaning services industry, GSF approached Otherwise to help develop a brand platform that would illuminate GSF’s approach to cleaning, and distinguish the company from its competitors.

Our hands-on approach to understanding the GSF brand led us to insights into the company’s culture and values that led to the simple expression “We Care about Clean” — a statement that embodies the company’s commitment to its staff, transparency and belief that clean environments have measureable positive impact on the workplace.

From here, we activated the company’s new positioning to inform the writing, design and development of a new website for GSF USA — a central point of engagement that emphasizes case studies that focus on both clients and the staff who serve them.

As the next step in our brand illumination process, Otherwise is currently creating a capabilities brochure that builds on the content and design vocabulary established for the GSF website.