North and West We Go: Otherwise Has Moved

Exterior signage at Car Town

Otherwise Incorporated recently relocated to the lively neighborhood of Ukrainian Village, and we are excited that our office on the corner of Iowa and Western Avenue is now open and ready to welcome our clients.

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Exterior signage at Car Town

With our bright and warm east-facing corner storefront space, we are basking in our essence: a focus on beauty. Surrounded by the contemporary art collection of founders Nancy Lerner and David Frej, we find ourselves in an environment that provides incessant artistic inspiration and that challenges us to constantly reevaluate our understanding of aesthetics. Contemplating the fluctuating relationship between visual and textual contexts compels us to continue creating rich content that conveys meaning and that challenges us the way great art does: we are driven to capture moments of change, that call for attention and inspire action.

For nearly two decades we made our home in a produce warehouse on Randolph Street in the West Loop where we were part of the transformation of a neighborhood. We watched how a boulevard meant for meat-and-potatoes morphed into a funky cultural hub. We were part of the transformation, and it was both humbling and thrilling.

A neon sign that reads Kosirog Rexall Drugs, Fannie May candiesImage Source: David Hilowitz, Flickr

Our new location in Ukrainian Village once again puts us in the heart of an old Chicago neighborhood that is reinventing itself. The opportunity to see the world through this lovely local lens amplifies our values and fuels our passions.

Come by for a coffee or a chat anytime!