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Branded Residences – Part 2: Branding Architecture

When we think about new residential real estate developments, we imagine their potential for changing the landscape of cities and contributing to the organic evolution of architectural vernacular. For us, these new buildings represent contemporary societal values and reflect our current social systems. They have

Branded Residences – Part 1:
Brand Inheritance

Lodha Fiorenza, Mumbai, India – Jade Jagger for YOO After its construction was completed in 1927, the Sherry Netherland was considered the tallest apartment-hotel in New York City at 570 feet. It could be argued that in the shadow of its engineering achievement, its innovative

North and West We Go

Otherwise Incorporated recently relocated to the lively neighborhood of Ukrainian Village, and we are excited that our office on the corner of Iowa and Western Avenue is now open and ready to welcome our clients. With our bright and warm east-facing corner storefront space, we


Even if the technical term doesn’t seem to ring a bell at first, every internet user is familiar with top-level domain names (TLD), since all addresses break down into three parts: sub-domain, domain name and top-level domain. (In, for instance, “www” is the sub-domain,

Tech to the Future

The past few years have witnessed astounding developments in technology, blurring lines between science fiction and reality. The hover board, the smartwatch, power-laced sneakers, robotic restaurant waiters, fingerprint door locks, virtual windows, video phone calls, smartglasses and voice activation were only imaginative speculations in the

The Contentious Debate

At Otherwise Incorporated we discuss content on a daily basis. Merging content and visual imagery in the most meaningful way is at the heart of what we do, but quite often discussions like this lead us to more abstract grounds, and lately we have mulled

Google and the Aesthetics of Function

  On September 1st Google introduced a redesigned logotype. And what a ruckus it has caused… The redesign involves three essential changes. First, Google changed the font used in its logotype from a serif to a new sans-serif typeface they call Product Sans. Second, Google