Do You Want To Buy A New House?

the basecamp sfh logo painted on a blue brick wall

text reads Do you want to buy a new house painted on the side of a brick wall

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We’re very excited to share our most recent collaboration with Ranquist Development Group, one of Chicago’s most innovative homebuilders.

After launching an ambitious project of 48 single-family homes in Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood, Ranquist asked Otherwise to develop a strong brand platform that would attract the sophisticated audience that would come to inhabit the homes.

Leveraging the success of Ranquist’s other “Basecamp” projects, Otherwise created a completely new version of the brand as “Basecamp SFH,” using the real estate “SFH” short-hand (“single family home”) to signal a project geared for those in-the-know. We also introduced a reference to the neighborhood as “New Irving Park” — a twist on the actual neighborhood name of Old Irving Park, and then used the two phrases to anchor a typographically rich visual identity that took its form from the shape of the neighborhood.

Drawing inspiration from Ranquist’s playful brand voice, we created a message around the theme “Abbreviate Your Search,” featuring the abbreviation “DYWTBANH?” and other word games. This messaging was then used to activate the neighborhood’s construction site, as well as in the design of a new website for the project.