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Downtown Hyde Park: Deep Roots. New Vibe.


Banners & CCN 089

Otherwise is happy to unveil our collaboration with the South East Chicago Commission (SECC), a community organization focused on enhancing the quality of life in five neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago.

Having been awarded oversight of the new Hyde Park Special Service Area (SSA) #61, the SECC envisioned a brand platform that could act as a central point of engagement for the neighborhood’s guests, residents and local businesses. They approached Otherwise in late 2014 to turn this vision into a reality.

Out of our close collaboration with the SECC and the SSA commissioners came “Downtown Hyde Park,” a brand that celebrates the neighborhood’s energy and character, and encourages residents and visitors to do shop, dine and play in Downtown Hyde Park. Through a hip and vibrant visual identity, palette and taglines, Otherwise established the core brand assets, and we have begun broadbased deployment through street banners and retail badges. Stay tuned for the new website, advertising and more.


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