Kitson & Partners: Redesigning a Corporate Website

Corporate website design for Kitson & Partners

Corporate website design for Kitson & Partners

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Otherwise is delighted to unveil our collaboration with Kitson & Partners, a Florida real estate development company that specializes in creating vibrant, engaging places that celebrate the state’s unique natural and human resources.

With their acquisition of Babcock Ranch, a 17,000 acre wilderness parcel in southwest Florida envisioned as the country’s first solar powered community, Kitson & Partners sealed their reputation as developers with a commitment to environmentally-conscious, forward-thinking communities. Their corporate website however, had yet to catch up with the sophistication and vitality of their brand.

Kitson & Partners approached Otherwise in September 2015 to conceive, design, write and develop their new web presence to introduce an entirely new vocabulary around their brand and simultaneously reflect their important and visionary work. Our collaboration began with comprehensive working sessions with the K&P team, which gave us the opportunity to jointly mine the richness of their values and perspective. Out of these conversations came a contemporary, elegant website that illuminates the K&P brand and demonstrates their commitment to people, place, purpose and innovation.

We designed the website to celebrate K&P’s diverse portfolio and to showcase their transformational work. The resulting site is accessible, informative, engaging and visually stimulating.