Body Gears: A New Generation of Physical Therapy

Collateral made for Body Gears

Collateral made for Body Gears

Over the past few months, Otherwise has collaborated with Dynamic Physical Therapy, one of Chicago’s most respected physical therapy clinics, to help visualize their revolutionary approach to physical therapy.

Dynamic Physical Therapy has been a pioneer in the field since its founding in 2004. The practice specializes in Functional Manual Therapy, a treatment method that views the human body as a network of moving parts. This unique approach to physical therapy is the calling card of the practice, and has fueled its continued success and growth.

When Dynamic Physical Therapy approached Otherwise in late 2013, it was operating under two brands: Dynamic Physical Therapy for insurance-pay clients, and 360 Body Gears for cash-pay clients. With our belief that managing two brands is an untenable challenge long-term and works against the opportunity to build a singular resonant brand, we worked with DPT leadership to merge the two brands into a single, unified voice that celebrates the practice’s revolutionary approach to physical therapy.

In order to understand the key tenets of the practice, as well as its position in the physical therapy ecosystem, Otherwise worked closely with the DPT team. From early-morning working sessions with the founders, to in-depth conversations with staff and clients, to thorough research of the physical therapy market, we were able to develop an inspired understanding of the practice’s culture and vision – insight that informed every aspect of our work.

We developed a clear, simple brand around the name “Body Gears.” Body Gears was chosen because the name aptly illuminates the vision of the practice, and speaks to its commitment to helping patients achieve an optimal physical state in which their “moving parts” are in sync. From a practical perspective, it also allowed our client to retain the equity that had been built in its original 360 Body Gears brand. Anchored by the tagline “A New Generation of Physical Therapy,” the new brand elevates the practice and positions it as a provider of much more than conventional post-injury or post-surgical rehab.

In addition to the formal brand strategy that we delivered, Otherwise developed a new visual identity to represent the unified brand. This new identity reflects our collective understanding of the essence of the brand, and is being incorporated into a series of brand assets that includes signage, collateral, advertising, posters, stationery and forms  – and reflects a newly-emerging brand voice that is both daring and confident.