A Chicago In Favor of Change

Protester in Chicago holds up a sign that reads "A better world is possible"
Protester in Chicago holds up a sign that reads "A better world is possible"
Photo credit Lily P. Yang

As a team that calls Chicago home and holds it dear, we believe that racism has no place in our country or in our neighborhoods; we are devastated by the recent events our city has seen. As we rebuild and heal from both COVID-19 and the collective unrest, we look towards the future with the conviction and hope that progress, justice and change can come at long last… and swiftly.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the profound vitality of our collective Chicago community, here are just a few resources and local businesses that our team believes in and supports, right now and in the future:

Nonprofits and Ways to Donate

Black Lives Matter
Brave Space Alliance
Chicago Freedom School
Assata’s Daughters
Chicago Community Bond Fund
Rebuild Foundation
Equal Justice Initiative

For more ways to get involved, visit Black Lives Matter Chicago’s website.

Restaurants and Businesses

Soulé Chicago
Mr. Brown’s Lounge (located in our Ukrainian Village neighborhood)
Demera Ethiopian
Ina Mae Tavern
Luella’s Southern Kitchen
Eb & Flow Yoga Studio
Hines Brines
Plant Salon
Semicolon Bookstore and Gallery
Virtue Restaurant and Bar

For more local businesses, check out Black Owned Chicago.

Poets, Authors and Creatives

For the People Artists Collective
Raych Jackson
Eve Ewing
Nate Marshall
AirGo Radio

This list falls short of the depth and breadth that exists in Chicago. Moving forward, we resolve that this won’t be simply a spark of passion that fades; this is something our city — and we as individuals — choose to incessantly support as we hope to create the change our world desperately needs.

Protester in Chicago holds up a sign that reads "Speak the truth even if your voice shakes"
Photo credit Lily P. Yang