Salon Buzz: Adding Dimension to the Brand Identity

Cursive text reading "Stay Gorgeous"

Cursive text reading "Stay Gorgeous"

When we build social media programs for our clients, we place the utmost importance on quality content that serves as a credentialing mechanism, while also establishing our clients as thought leaders. For that matter, the blog is the central platform for all of our social media programs. Based on each client’s goals and brand values, the blog provides a diverse, multi-dimensional perspective and identity for an organization.

When we created the blog for Salon Buzz, a prestigious hair salon in Chicago, owner Andreas Zafiriadis immediately knew that the blog content had to convey the salon’s ideals related to the importance of staying gorgeous. Thus, the blog was aptly named Stay Gorgeous, and it initially aimed to serve as a go-to resource by focusing on the latest trends around hair, beauty and style. But to differentiate Stay Gorgeous from other hair and beauty blogs that were already in existence, we knew that the blog needed to explore new ground.

We have expanded the “stay gorgeous” concept by integrating new types of content that still relates to hairstyles. Holding true to the salon’s understanding that current trends are always rooted in history, we feature some of the most famous hairstyles in history. But instead of simply describing the hairstyles, the posts go one step further and document how these hairstyles have withstood time with their contemporary variations. By bringing modern-day relevance to these iconic hairstyles, the blog delivers on its message of staying gorgeous.

We also spotlight Salon Buzz itself by interviewing Andreas to illuminate his vision and philosophy for the salon. Through Andreas’s voice, the blog captures the salon’s values, culture and character. And through the “Behind the Shears” series of posts, it soon became evident that the salon’s concept of gorgeousness was more abstract, and that the concept could be fueled by different sources and perspectives. One can find gorgeousness through an inspiration, and use that inspiration to find a new way to express or interpret an idea. And gorgeousness also comes from within – it ultimtaely reflects a certain feeling of positivity and confidence.

Gradually, the blog has evolved as it branches out to other topics that celebrate gorgeousness. By exploring influential figures, fashion and lifestyle, we are able to paint a broader picture of what it means to stay gorgeous. The blog  has paid homage to iconic figures such as Francois Nars and Vidal Sassoon who had a significant influence in the hair, beauty and fashion industry. Fashion posts have discussed how street or runway fashion serves as inspiration for hairstylists and the public alike to spark individuality and influence a new stylistic vision. One post focused on how a ponytail fueled the inspiration behind Picasso’s artwork. And the blog also featured an interview with Corri McFadden, a Salon Buzz client, who serves as an ambassador for the gorgeous lifestyle with her luxury consignment business, eDrop-Off, and is also the subject of House of Consignment, the new VH1 reality show centered around her company.

We also invite Salon Buzz stylists to contribute to the blog, encouraging them to discuss a topic or trend that is inspirational or interesting for them. From pinup girls to hairstyles for different face shapes, Stay Gorgeous has opened its doors to an even wider range of content. And by utilizing the staff’s expertise, content continues to become more authoritative and authentic in its voice.

More than a year has passed since the blog launched, and it’s been an exciting journey to see the blog evolve and grow over time, encompassing a multi-faceted picture of the meaning of “gorgeous.” With a non-linear approach to staying gorgeous, the blog truly embodies its name and ultimately, the Salon Buzz brand philosophy.

Ji-Sook Yim is an Integrated Marketing Associate at Otherwise Incorporated.

Illustration credit: Josh Epstein, Designer at Otherwise Incorporated