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5 Steps to a Successful Digital Content Strategy_Otherwise Incorporated

5 Steps to a Successful Digital Content Strategy

When clients engage us to build their new website or blog, we always start the project by developing a digital content strategy. We believe a robust content strategy serves as the roadmap to effectively communicate brand content to the right audiences. Once the content strategy

Stay Gorgeous: 2012 Year in Review

It’s been nearly two years since Otherwise created Stay Gorgeous, a social media program for the upscale Chicago hair salon, Salon Buzz. Over this time, the blog has evolved into a multi-dimensional perspective on the notion of “gorgeousness.” From the most popular hairstyles in history

LinkedIn Best Practices for Businesses and Brands

    When brands or businesses think about social media, they think of the usual platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram…overlooking the industry staple, LinkedIn, which is a powerful social-professional networking tool . As a business or a brand, you can use LinkedIn to

IT43 internal marketing branding law firm_Otherwise Incorporated

Internal Branding and Marketing for a Law Firm: Really?

Launching IT43 and NetDocs at Ungaretti & Harris Ungaretti & Harris is a prestigious regional law firm with offices in Chicago, Springfield and Washington, DC. In spring 2012, the leadership of the firm’s IS Department hired Otherwise to undertake two initiatives: •Establish a strong, fresh

Bing Social Search_Otherwise Incorporated

Bing’s New Social Search: A Test Run

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Bing’s new social search and its notion of social referral through friends and experts. Now that Bing’s social search features have finally become available to the general public, I took a deeper look at how it all worked.