Otherwise, The Word

A shadow cast by the Otherwise office sign

A shadow cast by the Otherwise office sign

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  1. pro. Something or anything else; something to the contrary
  2. adv. In a different way or manner
  3. adj. Different
  4. noun. A progressive strategy and design firm in Chicago’s West Loop.

The word “otherwise” lurks in the gray spectrum of the English language. That is, until its time comes. As a conjunctive adverb, “otherwise” connects two independent clauses, emphasizing causality or other relationships between separate entities. “Otherwise” exists as a bridge of change, connecting a dismal scenario to a great opportunity.

Without “otherwise,” we are unable to portend progress, or signal the consequences of stagnation. “Otherwise” illuminates a new method of problem solving: issues would remain unresolved, otherwise. Entities would perish, otherwise. Outdated ideas would fail, otherwise. We would remain forever otherwise engaged.

When the word is used, however, the emphasis is never on “otherwise.” The power is instead placed on the ideas that precede and follow. Through the use of “otherwise,” the relationship between the two separate ideas is brought to a place of clarity they would not have reached, otherwise.

“Otherwise” is comprised of two words, joining together to take on new meaning: a portmanteau. The word “other” refers to something distinctly different, while “wise” denotes possession of an inherent knowledge of what’s right. Together, “otherwise” possesses the power of discerning ideas in a distinctly different way. Without recognizing the importance of the separate definitions, “otherwise” would not have merit.

And then there’s Otherwise Incorporated — the brick and mortar counterpart of the ideas that the word “otherwise” brings to mind. We are that progressive, purposeful bridge.

By bringing brand strategy and design together under one roof, we join two sides of the portmanteau. Through our unique and encompassing perspective, we integrate form and content. Just as the word “otherwise” is greater than the sum of its two parts, the smart and intuitive sides of our practice come together to inform our branding and visual insight.

Otherwise. We are full of surprises and fully intentional.