Make it Magnificent: 919 North Michigan Avenue

A stack of print collateral designed for Mid-America, with only the word "the" peaking out from each item in the stack

A poster designed for Midamerica that reads "Make it magnificent"

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Otherwise is happy to showcase a recent project with Mid-America Real Estate Group, the Midwest’s largest full-service real estate organization.

When Mid-America was asked to broker the lease for 919 North Michigan Avenue, a boutique retail space on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s most prestigious strip of real estate, the team asked Otherwise to develop print collateral that would appeal to the world’s foremost luxury brands who would eventually call the space home.

Using art-making — and specifically the idea of a blank canvas — as a metaphor for the site’s expansive white space and infinite opportunities, we developed the concept “The Possibility of Blank Space,” and used it to position 919 North Michigan as a one-of-a-kind location for an ambitious, sophisticated brand to stake its claim on one of the country’s premier retail destinations. Using the visual vernacular of art exhibition ephemera, we designed an elegant poster that features beautiful design, photography and typography, resulting in a sumptuously poetic piece.

To see our work for Mid-America, visit the 919 North Michigan Avenue and Mid-America portfolios on the Otherwise website.