New Website Launched for Downtown Hyde Park + Banners Featured in The Chicago Maroon

Downtown Hyde Park outdoor advertising banners with new branding

Downtown Hyde Park outdoor advertising banners with new branding

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In September 2014, we began our collaboration with the South East Chicago Commission, and today Otherwise Incorporated is excited to share the website we’ve designed and developed for the SECC. Targeting both local residents and visitors to the neighborhood, Downtown Hyde Park’s distinctive energy and character are reflected in the website’s playful card structure and vivid color scheme. The new website features a listing of local events, an interactive map of restaurants, shops, and businesses, and recommendations for a fun day for visitors looking for a taste of an authentic Hyde Park experience.

The Downtown Hyde Park website is the latest project in our collaboration with SECC, which began with conceiving the brand and designing a visual identity for the Hyde Park SSA #61 project. SSA-funded projects aim at maintaining and restoring public areas, and in Hyde Park this translates into preserving Hyde Park’s rich history through new building developments, restoration projects and cultivating the neighborhood’s historic culture. Otherwise designed the visual identity and conceptualized taglines that resonate with the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of the neighborhood.

The banners we unveiled in September have been featured in The Chicago Maroon, a student-run newspaper at The University of Chicago. You can read the article here.