Dynamic. Insightful. Transparent: Branding Kiser Institutional Group

Brand development tools created for Kiser Institutional Group

Brand development tools created for Kiser Institutional Group

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Over the past few months, Otherwise is proud to have worked with Kiser Institutional Group, a newly formed Chicago based real estate brokerage and development consulting firm specializing in institutional multifamily properties throughout the Midwest.

Kiser Institutional Group was launched by a group of industry veterans who had grown frustrated with the current state of the institutional real estate market. With a look towards taking a fresh – and disruptive – approach, Kiser Institutional Group challenges big commercial regional players through their combination of customized market intelligence and hands-on experience to offer clients the insight to make informed, data-driven real estate decisions.

KIG approached Otherwise in late 2014 to develop and launch their new brand. From the outset, we worked closely with the KIG team to define and manifest their uniquely insightful brand. The collaboration resulted in a sophisticated visual identity system, marketing collateral and a website that forgoes traditional site architecture for a cutting-edge dashboard design.

This innovative site design is the first of its kind in the real estate industry, offering a single point of entry into not only KIG’s offerings, but the Midwest institutional real estate market, as well.