Baird & Warner 2014 Ad Campaign

Ad campaign created for Baird and Warner with headlines that read "Move in, Move up" and "Begin a Brand new chapter" paired with vibrant illustrations

Ad campaign created for Baird and Warner with headlines that read "Move in, Move up" and "Begin a Brand new chapter" paired with vibrant illustrations

As Otherwise continues its partnership with Baird & Warner, one of the oldest and largest independent real estate brokers in the United States, we’re continuing to develop campaigns that are smart, inspired and most important, fun.

We began our work with Baird & Warner in 2012, when we developed the “Be Curious” campaign, designed around a series of “aspirational imperatives” that celebrate the very personal, emotional process of purchasing a home — particularly in what was still a down market. This first campaign paired clever, quirky illustrations with smart calls to action, positioning home buying as a metaphor for living by a set of simple, sincere rules. “Be Curious” helped redefine the act of buying a home as an exciting transformational process, while positioning Baird & Warner as an authentic, trust voice of leadership.

The “Be Curious” campaign had a substantial positive effect on the Baird & Warner brand… And armed with this success, Baird & Warner asked Otherwise to evolve the campaign and develop ads that speak directly to a changed, more active marketplace, while continuing to illuminate the Baird & Warner brand.

A billboard with Baird and Warner ad reading "Move in, Move Up," paired with vibrant illustrations

For 2014, Otherwise transitioned the upbeat and whimsical brand voice of “Be Curious” to take on a more imperative tone that encourages homebuyers to act now. We structured the campaign around the phrases “Move in, move up,” “Take care of your heart,” “Live on Bank Street, “Grab life and get going,” “Begin a whole new chapter” and “Unwrap the present,” each of which communicates a sense of positive urgency to a new generation of home buyers

Creative ad for Baird and Warner that reads, "Take care of your heart. You can't buy love, but you can give it a home."Creative campaign for Baird and Warner that reads "Unwrap the present. Buy now and make the most of the moment."

To bring the campaign to life we resumed collaboration with the illustrators of the first campaign, The Heads of State. The new ads maintain our signature simplicity and color palette, and provide a playful contrast to the campaign’s authoritative statements.

Newspaper print ad for Baird and Warner that reads "Live on Bank Street. Never underestimate the value of owning a home."

The comprehensive, multi-channel placement strategy means that the campaign is impossible to miss if you’re living in Chicago. Outdoor advertisements on billboards, taxi tops, and at Metra stations have saturated the Chicagoland area, while print ads can be found in the city’s most prominent publications including The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Agent Magazine, and Modern Luxury: NS. The campaign is also taking advantage of digital media, with audio advertisements on Pandora and mobile video advertisements through Vdopia, a premier provider of mobile video advertising in the United States.