W.K. Kellogg Annual Report: Understanding Vulnerable Children

2013 annual report for WK Kellogg Foundation with the headline "Understanding Vulnerable Children: Who Knows What About Early Childhood?"


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2013 annual report for WK Kellogg Foundation with the headline "Understanding Vulnerable Children: Who Knows What About Early Childhood?"

Earlier this year, Otherwise continued its partnership with The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, one of the country’s largest and most influential philanthropic organizations. The foundation is dedicated to the optimal development of all children while healing the racial gaps and inequities that exist in our communities.

Otherwise began our work with WKKF in 2010 with a comprehensive rebranding initiative, aimed at clarifying and illuminating the work of the foundation. Out of this work has come a series of annual reports that over the past four years examines the work of the foundation from the vantage point of understanding vulnerable children and the communities in which they live.

For the 2013 annual report, Otherwise drew inspiration from the content and imagery of news magazines — visually rich and full of content that is timely, relevant and deep. Through a collaborative effort between the foundation’s communications team and program staff, grantees and Otherwise, we explored the foundation’s commitment to effecting social change in its priority places.

The 2013 annual report elegantly captures the voices of individuals who have grappled with questions about community and have gained insight in the process. Designed with the notion of visual storytelling in mind, the report allowed us to showcase some of the exceptional photography of the work of grantees in community that Otherwise has captured over the past two years.

Understanding Vulnerable Children: Who Knows What About Early Childhood, was published in January 2014.

Download the annual report here.