Otherwise Joins the Civic Alliance

Graphic reads Civic Alliance x Otherwise

Graphic reads Civic Alliance x Otherwise

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We are proud to share that Otherwise is partnering with the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of businesses working together to build a future where every American participates in shaping our country’s future.

Through this partnership, our aim at Otherwise is to increase civic engagement by providing our clients and community with resources to take action this election cycle, thereby encouraging increased voter engagement and turnout. For our part, Otherwise is making a commitment to become election and poll workers and solicit others to do the same, donate to ensure polling locations have PPE and source new safe spaces for voting.

“As Americans interact with businesses and brands every day, companies like ours have the opportunity to take a leading role in encouraging civic engagement in our country,” explains Nancy Lerner, Otherwise co-founder. “Since the days we opened our doors in 1991, we at Otherwise remain passionate about the power of participating in the democratic process; we are proud to partner with the Civic Alliance and look forward to ensuring our staff and our clients have the support and resources they need to vote in every election.”

By making this commitment and becoming a member of the Civic Alliance, Otherwise joins a community of influential companies dedicated to promoting civic engagement. In an age where companies have an increasing responsibility to participate in current affairs, we are committed to providing our audiences with the tools and resources needed to be civically active this election cycle, regardless of political affiliation.

About the Civic Alliance

The Civic Alliance is a growing, nonpartisan business coalition that strengthens our democracy by supporting safe, healthy and trusted elections and inspiring every American to participate in shaping our country’s future. Founded by the CAA Foundation and Democracy Works, the Civic Alliance cultivates a community of companies united by a shared belief that an active democracy is good for business, and an engaged business community is good for democracy. With its valuable tools, resources, events and partnership opportunities, the Civic Alliance helps companies engage employees and consumers as active participants in civic life. Join us at