Otherside: 2012 Year in Review

Otherwise projects fall in from the sky on parachutes

Otherwise projects fall in from the sky on parachutes

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With the start of the New Year, we reflected on the highlights from Otherside over the past 12 months. In 2012, we offered our insight into how to communicate your brand using social media and LinkedIn best practices for brands. We provided tips for creating memorable blog content, optimizing your brand’s social search and measuring social ROE. We even broke down our step-by-step methodology to cultivating social media experts.

It was also a great year for our clients. We experienced the inaugural edition of Expo Chicago, the International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, collaborated with world-renowned Chicago artist Theaster Gates, developed internal branding and marketing for the prestigious law firm Ungaretti & Harris, launched a new branding campaign for Baird & Warner and much, much more…

Here are a few of Otherside’s highlights:

WKKF Annual Report: Capturing the Community’s Voices

Mockup of the headline from the WKKF Annual Report from 2011

Soul Manufacturing Corporation: Collaborating with Theaster Gates

The website design for Soul Manufacturing Corporation

Baird & Warner’s New Branding Campaign Launches Today

Baird & Warner creative campaign with headlines reading Be Curious, Put Down Some Roots and Open Up, paired with whimsical illustrations

Salon Buzz: Adding Dimension to the Brand Identity

Graphic reads Stay Gorgeous in cursive text

The Seen: Presenting Chicago’s International Contemporary Art Blog

The Seen blog page designed for EXPO Chicago 2012“Enablement”: The Otherwise Approach to Cultivating Social Media Experts

A graphic reads "Enablement: The Otherwise approach to cultivating social media experts"

How to Communicate your Brand using Social Media

A graphic showing why to use the different social media platforms

An Inside Look at Simply Magnificent: A Showcase of Homes

Graphic reads "Simply Magnificent: A Showcase of Homes, The Ritz-Carlton Residences Chicago Magnificent Mile"

Five Tips for Creating Strong Blog Content

Graphic reads "5 Tips for Creating Strong Blog Content"

Six Tips to Improves Your Brand’s SSO

A word bubble with other word bubbles nested within it

Internal Branding and Marketing for a Law Firm: Really?

the IT43 logo

How to Communicate your Brand Message using Instagram

Graphic reads: "how to communicate your brand message using instagram"

Expo Chicago: The International Exposition of Contemporary/Modern Art & Design

EXPO Chicago 2012 website homepage

3 Tips for Measuring Social ROE: Understanding your Audience

Emojis beneath a magnifying glass

LinkedIn Best Practices for Businesses and Brands

A LinkedIn wrench tightening screws

Illustration Credit: Yuri Canales, Graphic Designer at Otherwise Incorporated.

Emmaline Niendorf is a Content Manager for Otherwise Incorporated.