How to Communicate your Brand Message Using Instagram

A graphic reads: How to communicate your brand message using Instagram

We showed you how to communicate your brand message using each different social media platform. Now we want to show you how to effectively communicate your brand message, visually, using Instagram.

Let’s pretend we are a local residential property: @Pleasantville. We want to show our brand’s personality, values, expertise, transparency and audience engagement. If we were to start a robust Instagram account, we would want to portray each of these elements through our messaging. Here’s an example of what that might look like.

Why use Instagram?
Communicate brand message
Express brand personality
Put a face to your brand
Relationship building with audience
Real-time communication
Visual storytelling
Dynamic platform
Indirectly show expertise

A graphic exploring how to use Instagram

Illustration credit: Josh Epstein, Designer at Otherwise Incorporated.

Emmaline Niendorf is a Content Manager for Otherwise Incorporated.