Black Bison Water Services: Branding a New Player in the Water Disposal Industry

Black Bison website


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Black Bison website and branding

Over the past 18 months, Otherwise has worked with Black Bison Water Services, a fascinating player in the burgeoning oil production industry in the western US.

Founded in late 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and expertise, Black Bison has already established its presence in the Bakken and Wyoming shale fields through the treatment and disposal of salt water waste –a thorny, unavoidable byproduct of shale oil extraction.

Every oil and gas producer operating in the fertile Great Plains states produces an abundance of salt water waste as a part of their extraction process, and as the industry matures it becomes faster, safer, more efficient and cost effective to outsource the process to an experienced provider with strategically located wells and recycling facilities.

The leadership team at Black Bison recognized the need to address fragmentation and disorganization in the wastewater disposal arena, and seized the opportunity to provide a much-needed service to the industry.

Black Bison approached Otherwise in early 2013 to help the young company establish its brand and showcase their services to oil and gas producers. Since that time, we have been working closely with the Black Bison executive team, and out of our collaborations a strong, elegant brand is emerging.

The visual identity, website and other marketing tools we have developed for Black Bison work in concert to communicate the company’s expertise and demonstrate their thought leadership, helping to position the company as a dominant player in the water disposal market.