What Martin Creed Knows

Simple text over image reads: Martin Creed, Thinking/Not Thinking

Simple text over image reads: Martin Creed, Thinking/Not Thinking
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this afternoon when I plopped into my seat in the MCA auditorium to watch and listen to Martin Creed. A fantastically talented artist with a wide-ranging practice, Creed’s unembellished view of the world provides a refreshing framework for understanding who we are and why we do what we do.

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When asked about what inspires his practice, Martin explains that he works because he “wants to feel better than I do,” and isn’t concerned with giving the things he makes meaning. In writing the song, “Thinking / Not Thinking,” Martin is reflecting on how he lives – somewhere between the states of being aware and in control and being intuitive and free. He isn’t concerned whether “thinking” is better or worse than “not thinking,” but rather is able to use the domain of ambivalence as the workshop for exploring ways to feel better.

Imagine what would happen if we all adopted the domain of ambivalence as our place of work?