How To Make Annual Reports Relevant For a Company in the Digital Age

A graphic highlighting 2016 highlights by the numbers for an annual report

As an innovation catalyst, UI Labs harnesses its network of leading companies and universities to accelerate industry insights and development. In this fast-paced, transformative role, UI Labs is a champion of the digital realm, utilizing data and technology to find new solutions. So, when they asked us to design their 2016 Annual Report, we knew we’d have to keep up.

Animation courtesy of Bryan Audia of UI LABS, / @uilabs_

While many companies struggle with “going digital” with their Annual Reports, building a microsite for the 2016 UI Labs Annual Report was natural, since their business is so future focused. By “microsite” we don’t just mean a PDF download link, we mean a truly interactive website in html.

Website landing page reads "A trusted guide to innovation"

Going digital with an Annual Report is a great way to communicate with your stakeholders and partners. A microsite uses html, which allows for amazing design and interactivity, boosting reader engagement. This engagement is also trackable. With data analytics, companies can see which section of their reports are the most interesting, where stakeholders spend the most time and how frequently readers visit each section. An online Annual Report can also be edited and updated, promoting transparency and communication between companies and their stakeholders like never before.

A graphic highlighting 2016 highlights by the numbers for an annual report

Not only does an online Annual Report engage readers on a new level, it also saves companies printing costs and is environmentally conscious, saving paper and trees. With a microsite, partners can choose whether they want to print the Annual Report. Companies therefore spend less time and energy printing and shipping each individual report, and more time innovating. For those “old school” partners that require a physical copy of the Annual Report, Bryan Audia of UI Labs created a printable PDF version – you can have your cake and eat it too.

the UI Labs 2016 annual report with the title "The Future Today"

Print layout courtesy of Bryan Audia of UI LABS, / @uilabs_