How to Communicate Your Brand Message Using Social Media

Graphic reads "Know Your Platforms" and is surrounded by icons

While all platforms should communicate the brand message and values, each platform serves a different purpose and thus has a different way of communicating that message. Each platform should produce different types of content and tone, which are tailored to the audiences who live on each particular platform. We’ve provided a simplistic guide to show a brand how to use some of the most useful platforms in the industry.

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Let’s pretend we are a local bike shop. Some of the core values of our brand include dependable, trustworthy, strong customer service and environmentally friendly. If we were to start a robust social media program, we would want to portray these values through all of our messaging. Here’s an example of what that might look like.

Graphic showcasing different social media platforms and why you would want to use them

As the “Consumer Era” comes to an end, learn more about how brands should embrace the “Relationship Era.”

Illustration credit: Yuri Canales and Josh Epstein, Designers at Otherwise Incorporated.
Makenzie Davies is a Social Media Marketer for Otherwise Incorporated.