Simply Magnificent: 2012 Year in Review

A gathering at a fine home tour

Over the past several years, Otherwise has built an ongoing integrated marketing campaign for The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago. The official blog, Simply Magnificent, offers updates on The Residences as well as curated content on Chicago luxury living.

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We welcomed the New Year by reflecting on the highlights from Simply Magnificent in the last 12 months. In 2012, we explored the private art collection at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago, interviewed leading interior designers in the Simply Magnificent Showcase of Homes and toured the luxury residences. We went behind the scenes in an auction house and antique shop, interviewed fine instrument makers, explored Chicago’s private airport and published guides to Chicagoland’s golf courses, hunt clubs and architectural tours.

Here are a few of Simply Magnificent’s highlights:

The Residences: Frank Ponterio’s Design Showcase Featured in Sheridan Road Magazine

A lobby at the Ritz Carlton residences
Frank Ponterio. Photo credit Tony Soluri.

The Residences: Gary Lee Partners Wins 2012 Best of the Year Honoree Award for The Landmark Club

Graphic reads: Interior Design Best of Year Honoree 2012
Gary Lee Partners Wins 2012 Best of the Year Honoree Award for The Landmark Club

Lux Life: Chicago Executive Airport for Luxury Holiday Travel

Airplane at the Chicago Executive Airport
Chicago Executive Airport

Lux Life: Michael Darnton Violin Maker

Hands handcrafting a violin handle
Courtesy of Michael Darnton.

Lux Life: Hunt Clubs

A group of people in neon orange vests and hats with guns in a field, on a pheasant hunt
Pheasant Hunt. Photo by YoTut.

Lux Life: Wright Auction House

Inside the Wright auction house, filled with dining room tables and chairs
Wright auction house, Scandinavian Design.

Lux Life: Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama

The Louis Vuitton Michigan Ave store windows with Yayoi Kusama window displays
Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama window displays. North Michigan Avenue.

The Residences: Your Luxury Residence Awaits

A dining room at the Ritz Carlton-Residences
The Ritz Carlton-Residences, Chicago. A Showcase of Homes.

The Residences: CS Interiors Anniversary Showcase
Jessica Lagrange
Anne Coyle
Tracy Hickman
Julia Buckingham Edelman
James E. Rudd
Tom Stringer

A white living room designed by Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC
Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC

The Residences: Private Art Collection
Vik Muniz
Nick Cave
Tim Anderson
Carolyn Ottmers
Cristina Silvestri
Matthew Woodward

A group gathered in a living room at Samantha Todhunter's showcase home
Samantha Todhunter’s Showcase home

Lux Life: Private Architectural Tours

A serene empty room with Japanese-style windows
Copyright 2012, Larry Simon photographer.

Simply Magnificent: A Showcase of Homes
Julia Wong
Frank Ponterio
Doug Atherley
Samantha Todhunter
Mick De Giulio

A magazine spread that reads "A Simply Magnificent Evening" showcasing tours of a traditional home
Traditional Home

Lux Life: Metropolitan Limousine

Metropolitan Limousine
Mercedes-Benz. Courtesy of Metropolitan Limousine.

Lux Life: DouglasRosin Decorative Arts & Antiques

CHANEL logo necklace on a big gold chain
CHANEL Logo Necklace. Courtesy of DouglasRosin.

Lux Life: Guide for Chicagoland Gulf Courses

Rich Harvest golf course
Rich Harvest Golf.

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Emmaline Niendorf is a Content Manager for Otherwise Incorporated.