Internal Branding and Marketing for a Law Firm: Really?

Graphic with word bubble, and textbook that reads "I.T. 43"

Graphic with word bubble, and textbook that reads "I.T. 43"

Launching IT43 and NetDocs at Ungaretti & Harris

Ungaretti & Harris is a prestigious regional law firm with offices in Chicago, Springfield and Washington, DC. In spring 2012, the leadership of the firm’s IS Department hired Otherwise to undertake two initiatives:

  • •Establish a strong, fresh brand for the IS department to increase visibility, foster a positive reputation and earn the firm’s trust
  • •Develop an internal marketing campaign around NetDocuments, the firm’s new document management system, to ensure its successful adoption across the firm

The IS Department provides and manages cutting-edge technology for the firm, ensuring that the technology works properly for everyone. Under new management, the department wanted to rebuild its reputation and trust with the firm. It aimed to take on a more transparent and customer service-oriented approach by being more communicative, responsive and visible. The new management was also preparing to launch NetDocuments, a system that would simplify and standardize the document management process throughout the entire firm.

Using our methodology for brand strategy development, Otherwise created a robust marketing strategy to support the rebranding of the IS Department and the launch of NetDocuments. Using the insights gained from working sessions, survey results, competitive analysis and interviews, we developed a phased internal marketing plan that included a broad range of initiatives to establish the new IS Department brand and build interest and energy for the launch of NetDocuments.

Otherwise renamed the IS Department “IT43” (since the department was located on the 43rd floor), designed its visual identity, and wrote a manifesto that articulates IT43’s mission, values and capabilities. We also designed the IT43 blog, which serves as the digital home base for news from IT43 and NetDocuments.


IT43 coasters that read "That was easy"

For simplicity and accessibility, Otherwise made a serious and intentional recommendation to shorten U&H’s new document management system into “NetDocs.” To build interest and buzz around NetDocs prior to its firm-wide launch, Otherwise developed a teaser campaign comprised of weekly giveaways for the four weeks leading up to the launch – with each item related to the key attributes of NetDocs – fast // easy // anytime // anywhere. To help build further anticipation for the launch, Otherwise designed weekly display ads for both stand-alone emails and Daily Memos, which clicked through to the IT43 blog and introduced the firm to the new IT43 brand and identity. During the NetDocs launch week, we established a cadre of “NetDocs Pros” comprised of pilot users and IT43 staff and designed “Help Stations” – both of which were branded with the new IT43 identity and set the stage for NetDocs support.

IT43 polos with badges reading "IT43 Expert, We can help"

IT43 online blog

We’re thrilled to see the positive responses from IT43 rebranding and NetDocs marketing campaign. IT43’s fresh visual identity has helped increase visibility and foster a positive reputation for the group. The teaser campaign, coupled with NetDocs Pros and Help Stations, were successful in building positive anticipation for NetDocs and set the stage for rapid adoption of the new technology. And the IT43 blog is proving to be a popular and appreciated new resource within the firm through its access to NetDocs tutorials and schedules for training sessions, further connecting IT43 with the firm’s attorneys and staff.

Ji-Sook Yim is a Content Strategist at Otherwise Incorporated.

Illustration Credit: Josh Epstein, Graphic Designer at Otherwise Incorporated