Encore Capital Management, a real estate investment and development firm, introduced a private apartment REIT in 2014 as part of its opportunistic real estate investment program. They raised over $500 million in equity, enabling them to acquire land and assets in urban locations across the U.S.




In late 2014, Rescore hired Otherwise to develop a strategic creative brand platform to illuminate its purpose, culture and unique positioning, while executing the brand across the individual assets within the portfolio.




Through our process of inquiry and discovery, Otherwise came to understand that the neighborhoods where the new projects are planned are bourgeoning, young and thriving urban centers that revel in local artisans, culture, food and simply…local living. To capture this spirit, we named the REIT “The Rise Collection.” The name is simple, strong and speaks to the buildings in the portfolio, the neighborhoods where they are situated and the aspirations of the residents who live in them.




With “The Rise Collection” as the umbrella brand, we set the stage for branding the individual buildings within the REIT as exceptional, uniquely satisfying urban residences.

We also introduced the tagline, “live/local,” which embodies the brand’s promise, and complements the visual identity — a system that draws upon the unique latitude and longitude of each building as a metaphor for hyperlocation, exploration and sophisticated sense of place. We have associated each latitude/longitude pair with a rich, fresh color and the name of the neighborhood where the building is situated.



And finally, we shot a rich portfolio of neighborhood lifestyle photography to serve as a vitally authentic asset of the brand — working with great local photographers who combine talent with a love for the neighborhood they are capturing.

The first community to emerge from The Rise Collection is located in the Old Town neighborhood of Beaverton, Oregon. The suite of brand support for The Rise Old Town includes the visual identity, neighborhood photography, construction site graphics, website, collateral and advertising.