Sailrock South Caicos is one of the last untouched islands in Turks and Caicos. While Sailrock sits amid unspoiled Caribbean beauty, it is part of a vibrant local community that is just a 25-minute plane ride from the main island, Providenciales.

Chicago-based CMK and its partners have spent over ten years meticulously planning Sailrock as an eco-conscious, authentic and immersive out-island community, with an initial focus on land and home ownership. As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, coupled with the devastating impact of Hurricanes Hannah and Ike, the country’s economy went into decline, tourism slowed and the GDP dropped. After several difficult years, in 2012, the Turks and Caicos’ fortunes began to reverse themselves, and CMK reinvigorated their efforts at Sailrock. As part of their long-term commitment to Sailrock, CMK made the strategic decision to develop an upscale resort to provide access to the community for non-owners. As preparations for the December 2016 opening of the resort were in the works, CMK came to realize that “Sailrock South Caicos” was no longer sufficient as a single brand to represent the overall community, land sales and home purchases, and a resort; CMK reached out to Otherwise to help them articulate the brand.

Logos for newest resort in Turks and Caicos. Sailrock Living logo and Sailrock Resort logo

Otherwise set out to discover what makes this untouched island, with 5000 acres of nature preserves and the world’s third largest coral reef, a destination for adventure-seekers. Through our process of empathic inquiry, we revealed a character that speaks to the intrepid traveler who seeks luxury.

From our work, Sailrock South Caicos has become the overarching master brand for the island that acts as a parent for the sub-brands, Sailrock Resort and Sailrock Living. Distinguishing between audiences for purchasing homes/land and the market interested in more temporary stays, Otherwise clarified Sailrock’s unique position. By linking these sub-brands, Sailrock South Caicos unifies the neighborhoods, restaurants, amenities and other components of the community. Sailrock Resort offers rental properties and hotel rooms along with a plethora of luxury amenities, while Sailrock Living offers ownership of island properties and access to the Resort amenities (including the swimming pool, restaurant, poolside bar, Fresh Market and Sunset Grill).


With the new brand hierarchy in place, Otherwise designed a new visual identity system for Sailrock, and launched a multifaceted campaign in early 2017 that included print and digital advertising, e-marketing and new websites. The campaign theme revolves around a set of “inspirational imperatives” that speak to the Sailrock archetype — connoisseurs of authentic experiences.


Sailrock South Caicos Logo in action on a baseball cap