Founded in 2008 by world-renowned expert clinicians and educators, Cornerstones Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and transforming communication between healthcare providers, patients and industry partners.

Having spent eight years demonstrating the efficacy of their concept and approach, Cornerstones approached Otherwise in December 2015 to develop a platform that would clarify their brand and establish a distinctive language and visual vernacular to set the stage for the organization’s growth.

We began our work with Cornerstones by developing a Creative Strategy to lay the groundwork for the transformation of their brand. Through conversations with the Cornerstones team, faculty and clients, along with the exploration of the current healthcare landscape, we came to understand just how valuable Cornerstones is as a trusted partner for sharing for medical knowledge, experience, and expertise among healthcare practitioners and between practitioners and their patients. We then used those insights to develop a creative strategy that positions Cornerstones around the brand promise, “transforming the landscape of patient care.”

We then redesigned their visual identity, complete with a warm, contemporary color palette, and elegant new logotype.




We then designed a system of print and digital collateral including a suite of materials used to support their roundtables and other programming (workbooks, invitations, eblasts, presentations, checklists and signage.)


The final step of the rebranding process was the design and development of an elegant new website for Cornerstones. Using an unconventional horizontally-scrolling interface, the new site tells the story of the organization and its offerings through an engaging parallax experience.