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Glorious Toast the Gadget Guide: Let’s Get Started

Check out my blog.  That’s the first thing I’m going to say to you.

What’s it about?

Gadgets, duh!

Is it worth my time?

Yes!  If you’ve ever had trouble deciding what you should get, you’ll be glad you stopped by.  Apple iPad vs.  Motorola Xoom.  Ahhhh! WHICH ONE SHOULD I CHOOSE?  Stop wrangling your head, and read on.

Hypothesis: I will use Tumblr as my platform. This blog will feature reviews of new gadgets, comparison of similar gadgets, how I use my own gadgets and electronics, and my thoughts on existing and upcoming gadgets in the magnificent world of gadgets.  I will use Twitter to market this blog and measure success by increasing my following.

Platforms utilized:



Length of experiment: 4 weeks

Tumblr site:


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