When Blue Cross Blue Shield announced they were dropping their “Blue PPO” plan in late 2015, it affected Dream Town Realty president Yuval Degani directly. Not only was the Blue PPO plan the healthcare plan of choice for many independent brokers across Chicago, it was Yuval’s healthcare plan as well, and its cancellation meant that he and independent brokers across the city would no longer be able to visit Chicago’s famed teaching hospitals and the doctors they had come to trust with their health and wellness.

Yuval wanted to help. The insurance plan Dream Town offered its full-time staff had all the benefits of the cancelled Blue PPO, so Yuval challenged Blue Cross Blue Shield and Dream Town’s insurance agent to develop a solution that would allow him to offer the company plan to the uninsured independent brokers.

Yuval asked Otherwise to develop a strategy to communicate with the Chicago brokerage community and recruit independent brokers to the new Dream Town PPO health plan before the enrollment deadline. We responded by crafting a three-stage integrated campaign, using social media, email marketing, direct mail, print and digital advertising to take advantage of this moment in time and engage with independent brokers across Chicago.


Yuval felt that Chicago’s community of independent brokers needed to make their voices heard and demand better health care coverage, and seeing as this issue was of personal significance to him, we decided to position Yuval as a passionate leader and advocate for a real estate revolution through an open letter titled “An open letter to all Chicago-area real estate brokers about your health and the health of your career.”




Over the course of three weeks, we disseminated the open letter, a video message from Yuval and testimonials from brokers — reaching virtually all of the 10,000 independent brokers in the Chicago area. The recruitment campaign illuminated Dream Town’s healthcare plan as just one of the many reasons to join the brokerage, and more importantly raised awareness within the community writ large, making health care coverage a priority. As a result, dozens of independent brokers flocked to Dream Town to join their incredible health plan, and competing brokerages followed suit, pushing their health care providers to offer similar plans.