Deeply rooted in Chicago’s artist community since its founding in 1974, the mission of the Chicago Artists Coalition is to build sustainable, creative marketplaces for artists and creatives by activating networks, fostering collaboration, forming partnerships and innovating relevant professional resources.

After over 30 years of making strides for artists in Chicago, the Chicago Artists Coalition reached out to Otherwise to implement a rebranding project that would redefine their organization to better align with the changing contemporary art world. Otherwise mined the CAC strategic plan, gathered in-depth information, and with the help of the CAC staff, began a journey to develop their positioning and primary messaging which would be the key to refreshing their brand. We sought to develop an articulation of CAC’s unique qualities crossed with their goals and the environment they act in. Through our collaborative process, we established the following positioning statement: “For entrepreneurial artists and creatives, CAC is a catalyst for cultural and economic impact that is building sustainable creative marketplaces by activating networks, fostering collaboration, forging strategic partnerships and innovating relevant professional resources.”

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This new positioning allowed Otherwise to unearth strategies and themes to carry the Chicago Artists Coalition’s brand and communications, and led to our creation of the creation of a smart, flexible new visual identity and numerous applications of the visual brand.

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