Since its founding 35 years ago, Ranquist Development Group has established a reputation as one of Chicago’s most innovative homebuilders and developers. After launching their most ambitious project to date in Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood — a community of 48 beautifully designed single-family homes on a stretch of up-and-coming Milwaukee Avenue — Ranquist discovered they needed a strong brand platform to attract the edgy, sophisticated urbanites who would bring this new micro-neighborhood to life. They approached Otherwise to develop a creative plan that was up to the challenge.


BasecampSFH Master Plan

Leveraging the success of Ranquist’s other “Basecamp” projects, Otherwise created a completely new version of the brand as “Basecamp SFH,” Using the real estate “SFH” short-hand (“single family home”) to signal a project geared for those in-the-know, we also introduced a reference to the neighborhood as “New Irving Park” — a twist on the actual neighborhood name of Old Irving Park. We finished off the brand with a hip, typographically rich visual identity that takes its form from the shape of the neighborhood.




With the brand in place, our recommendation was to activate the construction site — hundreds of running feet of distressed walls — with strong, colorful graphics. Reflecting the playful Ranquist brand voice, we have built out a message around the theme “Abbreviate Your Search,” featuring the abbreviation “DYWTBANH?” (Do You Want To Buy A New House?) and a host of other word games. Taking full advantage of the physicality of the walls and the chaos of a construction site, Otherwise worked with Merderhaus, some of Chicago’s most talented sign painters, to bring this branded experience to life.

Working with a rich brand toolbox, we also created a new website for Basecamp SFH.



BasecampSFH Poster

BasecampSFH Site Activation